Located in the Timberon Subdivision Unit 6 Block 103 Lots 23-24

Section: T6-BLK103-Lot23-24
Address: 247 & 243 Hoover Dr, Timberon, NM 88350
Size: 1.022 acre
Description: Great views, off main road, driveway.
Est. Taxes: Similar lots average about $20-$30 a year
Price: $40,000
Sale Price: $30,000 for both lots
Terms: Cash: 20% cash discount = $24,000

Down payment: $500

Document Fees: $299

Select Monthly Option: Choose your length of payment at time of purchase, 5-30 yrs., no penalty for early payoff.

Option 1: Mail payment in each month: 11% interest
5 years = $641.40*, 10 years = $406.36*
20 years = $304.50*, 30 years = $280.94*
Option 2: Automatic draft of monthly payment: 10% interest
5 years = $626.79*, 10 years = $389.84*
20 years = $284.68*, 30 years = $258.88*

*Land payment only. Does not include Escrow fee.

Notes: This lot zoned for a single-family residence. Residential Only. Horses and household pets allowed. All utilities accessible to lot, no time limit to build.

Please note, The Architectural Control Committee no longer exists.

Restrictive Covenant 1

Restrictive Covenant 2 amendment

For more information about this lot please use the contact form below or use the contact info on our Contact page.

Timberon Water & Sanitation Dept. (575) 987-2250
Standby Fee: $61.15 a year per lot
Initial Water Meter Install: $675
Average Basic Monthly Water Bill (including Trash Service): $57.75
Facilities & Services Fee: $30 a year per lot


The Otero County Electric Company link for information about getting power to your lot is at:


Septic (New Mexico State Liquid Waste Regulations)

Septic for small lots: These options apply to lots that are less than ¾ acre:

ATM Advanced Treatment Unit. more expensive // are Small water treatment plants require maintenance & sampling

SPLIT FLOW SYSTEM – 2 plumbing systems gray water into regular septic black water into holding tank (1000 gal typical)

ET BED Septic tank w/ sand & gravel bed 120 X 120

RV must be into a tank

Contact for this area is Michael Montoya NMENV (575) 288-2050 or (575) 649-4107.

Another resource is the New Mexico Environment Department website for the most current information on residential and commercial requirements for septic systems.

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