Located in the Timberon Subdivision Unit 2 Block 49 Lot 19

Section: T2-BLK49-Lot19
Address: 76 Roundup Dr, Timberon, NM 88350
Size: 1.00 acre
Description: Amazing views, borders national forest
Est. Taxes: Similar lots average about $20-$30 a year
Price: $35,000
Sale Price:  
Terms: Cash: 20% cash discount = $28,000

Down payment: $500

Document Fees: $299

Select Monthly Option: Choose your length of payment at time of purchase, 5-30 yrs., no penalty for early payoff.

Option 1: Mail payment in each month: 11% interest
5 years = $750.11*, 10 years = $475.24*
20 years = $356.10*, 30 years = $328.55*
Option 2: Automatic draft of monthly payment: 10% interest
5 years = $733.02*, 10 years = $455.92*
20 years = $332.93*, 30 years = $302.76*

*Land payment only. Does not include Escrow fee.

Notes: This lot zoned for a single-family residence. Residential Only. Horses and household pets allowed. All utilities accessible to lot, no time limit to build.

Restrictive Covenant 1

Restrictive Covenant 2 amendment

Restrictive Covenant 3 amendment

Please note, The Architectural Control Committee no longer exists.

For more information about this lot please use the contact form below or use the contact info on our Contact page.

Timberon Water & Sanitation Dept. (575) 987-2250
Standby Fee: $61.15 a year per lot
Initial Water Meter Install: $675
Average Basic Monthly Water Bill (including Trash Service): $57.75
Facilities & Services Fee: $30 a year per lot


The Otero County Electric Company link for information about getting power to your lot is at:


Septic (New Mexico State Liquid Waste Regulations)

Septic for small lots: These options apply to lots that are less than ¾ acre:

ATM Advanced Treatment Unit. more expensive // are Small water treatment plants require maintenance & sampling

SPLIT FLOW SYSTEM – 2 plumbing systems gray water into regular septic black water into holding tank (1000 gal typical)

ET BED Septic tank w/ sand & gravel bed 120 X 120

RV must be into a tank

Contact for this area is Michael Montoya NMENV (575) 288-2050 or (575) 649-4107.

Another resource is the New Mexico Environment Department website for the most current information on residential and commercial requirements for septic systems.

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